Davines is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit. Aiming to inspire and improve the work life quality of worldwide beauty professionals throughout concepts, products, and services that will allow them to offer unique experiences to their clients.

Deep Steep

High quality personal care products that are free of harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens and phenoxyethanol.


DermOrganic products are all vegan, made without animal by-products and are never tested on animals, contain no sulfates, glycols, DEA, MEA, dyes or food coloring, Gluten-free, contain no artificial preservatives, are paraben-free and are made without salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners.


Hylunia Skin Care was launched to give the freedom of choice to people of all skin types and ages who want to prevent free radical damage to their skin and live a healthy and balanced life.


ZERO synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, 1,4-dioxane, phthalates, glutens, neurotoxins, aluminum compounds, glycols, formaldehyde donors, ureas, carcinogens and environmental pollutants – simply a genuine, sustainable brand. Renewable, beneficial plant-based, colour safe ingredients, certified Organic Extracts, 95% post consumer recycled bottles, 100% certified wind power, 100% recycled fiber containers, Vegan and No Animal testing.

Mostly Vegan


Acure’s products are created with great care and a reflection of their values. Using plant and food based natural and organic ingredients and pure essential oils.


Fairytales is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products loaded with great ingredients at an affordable price. Their formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, they are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too!


Onesta demonstrates a deep belief in the essential unity of all things. They care about the world we live in and they believe eco-consciousness and sustainability to be integral parts of there business strategy.

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