Massage Services


  • Aromatherapy Massage 30/60/90mins $45/$70/$115

    Essential oils are combined with our organic massage oils providing a customized massage experience. Essential oils have properties which can calm, relax, or energize.

  • Couples Massage 60mins

    Price based on massages selected. Enjoy a 60 minute tandem massage with a friend or loved one in a shared massage suite. The perfect way to introduce the gift of relaxing massage to those you love.

  • Deep Tissue 50/90mins $75/$125

    Deep pressure techniques concentrate on areas of tension and soreness. Creates a positive tissue environment and normalizes the movement of the musclo-skeletal system. Promotes healing, flexibility and range of motion.

  • Headache Helper 30mins $40

    Focused on pressure points applied to the hands and feet. Accompanied by neck, head, face, and cranial holds. May be done with Eucalyptus oil or hot or cold therapy head wrap.

  • Hot Stone 90mins $115

    Heated, smooth Basalt stones glide along the body creating the ultimate experience in comfort and relaxation.

  • Prenatal Massage 30/60/90mins $40/$65/$110

    Ease the physical and emotional stresses experienced during and ater pregnancy. Focuses on reducing strain in the lower-back, abdomen and shoulders. Helps stabilize hormones and lessens swelling.

  • Reflexology 45mins $50

    In this unique massage system, reflex points on the feet, hands, and head believed to link to every part of the body are mapped. Targeting these pressure points will aid in normalizing body systems and circulation and relieving tension and illness.

  • Reiki 60mins $60

    An ancient Japanese energy medicine practice. Your therapist uses hand placement to channel healing energy known as ki.

  • Sports Massage 60mins $75

    Massage concentrating on specific areas to stimulate blood flow and break down adhesions (knots). Can aid in alleviating chronic pain, injury, and limited range of motion. Not just for athletes.

  • Swedish Massage 30/60/90mins $40/$65/$110

    Incorporates long, flowing strokes to soothe muscles and reduce pain. Promotes relaxation and increases mental clarity.

  • Tension Tamer 30mins $40

    A mini massage concentrating on the high stress areas of the neck, shoulders, and back.

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