Formaldehyde in Keratin Treatments: What you need to know.

Kristen Gaffney - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At Pure Elements we strive to offer clients the highest quality natural and organic products and services.  One of these services is our Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment from KeraGreen.

KeraGreen is the first Organic, Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment on the market that has all the benefits of other Keratin Treatments without the risks. 

Other professional grade keratin treatments containing formaldehyde are used in hair salons across the country.  Symptoms that commonly develop after these treatments include hair loss, watery eyes, respiratory infections, and other symptoms consistent with overexposure to formaldehyde which is known to be a likely cause of cancer.

Keragreen is the only Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment that heals and repairs your hair, eliminates frizz and adds shine and it’s available at Pure Elements! 

Unlike toxic treatments, KeraGreen Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment doesn’t just change the appearance of the hair, it works to restore the health and shine of dry, damaged hair. This Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment contains Hydrolyzed Keratin, Silk and Collagen that work to penetrate deep into the hair follicle and deposit rich moisturizing ingredients, giving hair the strength and elasticity it needs to stop future breakage from occurring.   

Pure Elements an Organic Salon provides a healthy alternative to the traditional salon experience using only the highest quality natural and organic products in our salon services. Our products and services are non-toxic and Eco-friendly. We are proud to offer our clients an alternative to the toxic Keratin Treatments available in traditional salons.  KeraGreen Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment provides superior results without the exposing our clients to health risks or further degrading the planet.   

To learn more about this and other services or to book an appointment, call us at 518-608-5405.